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Fall Invaders: Getting a Handle on Stopping Them

Fall Invaders: Getting a Handle on Stopping Them
By: ElRay M. Roper, Ph.D., Technical Representative, Syngenta

Cool fall temperatures mean fall invaders. Arthropod and vertebrate pests that have stayed primarily in the landscape around your customers properties will start looking for warmer locations to overwinter. Accounts that were relatively pest free can be overrun with a variety of invading pests, seemingly overnight.

Insects such as Box Elder bugs, Multi Colored Asian Lady beetles, Marmorated Stink bugs, and Cluster flies can become serious problems. In addition, occasional pests like crickets, spiders, millipedes and others may start to show up in large numbers as temperatures turn colder.

Ideally, preparation for fall invaders starts at the end of summer. The first line of defense against fall invaders is inspection and exclusion A thorough inspection should include these steps:

  • Check the landscape to identify possible fall invaders
  • Inspect doors and windows for worn weather stripping or seals
  • Examine windows and screens for holes and ensure a tight fit
  • Look for holes in the exterior of the building such as utility penetrations, weep holes, etc.
  • Check the roof line and soffit for openings

Now is also a great time to work with your client to seal cracks in the foundation and walls of the structure. Inspect and seal around all utility entries, weep holes and other openings. Proper sealing or screening of openings can go a long way in keeping fall invaders out of a structure.

A perimeter application of a residual insecticide will also help keep unwanted fall pests from entering a structure. Application of a microencapsulated insecticide such as Demand® CS or Demand EZ with iCAP™ technology will provide fast knockdown of invading arthropod pests and extended residual protection of the property into the winter months.

Application should be made as a perimeter band around the foundation as well as spot and crack and crevice applications to possible entry points such as around doors, windows and soffits.

In addition, a possible add-on service is to offer removal of the dead bug populations that will be left around the structure as a result of the insecticide application.

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