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General Pest Control With Generics Doesn't Cut It at Dixon Exterminating

General Pest Control with Generics Doesn’t Cut It at Dixon Exterminating

Charles Dixon with Dixon Exterminating, in Thomasville, Ga., understands the value Demand® CS insecticide with iCAP technology™ brings to his business and customers through its tried and true performance, even over generic competitors.

After several years of using Demand CS to control perimeter pests and as part of their mosquito control program, Dixon switched to a generic insecticide because he was told it was the same microencapsulated formulation as Demand CS, at a better price. Dixon quickly discovered that despite claims, the generic formulation did not perform as well as Demand CS.

“In the winter months, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but in the spring we started getting some callbacks for the homes we had treated with the new product,” explains Dixon. “The callbacks quickly started getting into our pockets and costing us money so we knew we needed to remedy the issues quickly.”

Dixon swiftly changed his general perimeter treatments back to Demand CS to provide effective control of roaches, ants, spiders and mosquitoes. Demand CS is ideal for both perimeter pest and mosquito control because of iCAP technology, the innovative, microencapsulated formulation that packs 10,000 microcapsules of insecticide into every square inch of treated surface. Once applied, Demand CS is readily available for contact with pests for several months, which helps reduce customer callbacks. When pests come in contact with a treated surface, the capsules adhere to their cuticle where they either release for control of the insect or are transferred to another pest.

“After we switched back to Demand CS, we didn’t have any issues and didn’t miss a beat with our treatments,” says Dixon.  “Demand CS really did a good job for us and people continue to be shocked at how well the service works, particularly on mosquitoes.”

For more information on Dixon Exterminating in Thomasville, Ga. and surrounding areas please visit: http://www.dixonext.com/.

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